Privacy policies

In accordance with the principles, standards, and definitions set forth in Law No. 29733, "Personal Data Protection Law," or its regulatory,

complementing, modifying, substituting, and other applicable provisions.

The user gives his consent to the treatment of all personal data that are supplied or generated in the electronic platforms that we administer,

which will be incorporated into the Personal Data Bank of users owned by MERTZ PER S.A.C. through his signature or any other form of

automated express acceptance (hereinafter MERTZ).

MERTZ collects personal information as required by the rules that govern its activities and information in order to provide services to natural or

legal persons. Personal identity documents, names, addresses, phone numbers, nature of your main business or occupation, and date of birth

are all examples of information that may be collected. Similarly, MERTZ may use the personal information you provide for the following


  1. Ascertain your identity.
  2. Recognize your requirements.
  3. Determine whether our products and advice services are appropriate to your requirements.
  4. Offer you products or services through traditional or digital advertising.
  5. Observe the requirements imposed by the items or services purchased from MERTZ or third parties.

MERTZ protects the personal information entrusted to us in accordance with the law's instructions and internal regulations, as well as internal


Because some of our services are carried out by third parties, MERTZ maintains the integrity and security of the personal data entrusted to

them by establishing contractual provisions requiring them to implement the security measures needed by law. As a result, the proper use and

protection of personal data is ensured.

The authorization granted is indefinite; nevertheless, the user has the right to revoke or exercise his or her rights of access, correction,

cancellation, and opposition to personal data at any time by writing to