III. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We see innovation as a cyclical process that cuts across all of an organization's activities (strategic and operational) and must be managed to produce results that benefit all parties involved.

At Mertz, we have the knowledge and experience to work with our clients on the creation and implementation of various RDI and entrepreneurship products and services.

Technology Surveillance and intelligence

  • Tools used to search, obtain and analyze the most relevant information in the technological environment. Patentability reports, newsletters, technology alerts, etc.

Intangible asset valuation

  • Valuation of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets, etc. Royalties Report. Economic valuation.

Technology Transfer

  • Drafting and/or review of technical legal documents. Accompaniment in negotiations. National and international technological broker.

R&D&i and entrepreneurship projects formulation and management

  • Formulation of innovation projects and/or undertakings, applying for public (Innóvate Perú, Fondecyt, PNIPA, PNIA, etc.) or private funds.

Innovation challenges and open innovation platforms

  • Development from the application (ideas) to the fulfillment of the challenges (contracts, due diligence, negotiation, etc.)

Company incorporation and Startups

  • Incorporating companies. Shareholder agreements. Accompaniment to investment rounds.

Additional Data

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