IV. Consulting for competitiveness

Mertz participates individually and/or in consortium in consulting calls related to our areas of of expertise or as a supplement to other areas where we can add value.

For more than ten years, our experts have engaged in national and international consultancies.

We carry out our work by focusing on four key principles of engagement:

• Collaborative approach

• Technical expertise and comprehensive analysis

• Balanced consideration

• Pragmatic and quality solutions

Technology focus, identification and analysis

  • Deep focus on the proposed development technologies in the portfolio, which are based on the aims and goals for future solutions.
  • We identify ready-to-transfer technologies.
  • Identification of main technology challenges for your company.
  • Analysis of the commercial potential of a technology.
  • Technology analysis for value creation.
  • Design and implementation of the technology’s "Value Proposition" are examined.

We design Strategies for the Implementation of Integrated Management Systems

  • Design and validation of technology and service portfolios.
  • We analyze all of the organization's procedures against a pre-determined certification scope.
  • We objectively determine gaps and prioritize according to level of readiness.
  • We collaborate to create implementation plans that allow the certification audit to be approved.
  • We work together to install innovation management systems that are UNE 166002 accredited.

Capacity Building

  • Diagnosis of capacities and innovative culture
  • Identification of change agents
  • Increasing capabilities through:
  • To innovate in product design, using Design Thinking, Design Doing, and Poc.
  • Business Model Generation to create new business models.
  • To innovate in the format of new markets, Service Design + market intelligence tools, such as "Landing Ideas Key Business," are used.
  • We use service design tools and processes (e.g. stakeholder mapping, empathy maps, customer journey, service blueprints).
  • We provide innovation training under different modalities, both "in-house" and external.

Preparation of value chain plans and/or studies

  • Technical and commercial documentation are created and/or reviewed to strengthen and position the product, method, or service.

Implementation of Intellectual Property Policies and Confidential Information Management

  • Development and/or review of technical and legal documents for companies, institutions, universities.

Additional Data

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